The early bird catches the worm! 

So I had a lesson with my sister before work today! She must have had her crystal ball out or maybe she had been reading my blog. You’ve guessed it,  we done some grid work. She set up a grid of bounces down the centre line. This was brilliant for me as it really highlighted some of my weaknesses. Firstly I often don’t have enough outside rein and so this causes Tigger to fall out through his shoulder. Secondly I have a habit of leaning over a jump which can throw Wigs off balance and onto the wrong leg. This exercise made me think about rhythm, contact and balance. We then had to jump two jumps on the diagonals after the grid. I had to make sure I maintained the impulsive of the canter after the grid to hit the jumps on a good stride. Tigger jumped brilliantly unfortunately we couldn’t video it as neither of us had space of our phones. But below is a picture of the exercise. Give it a try , I will be definitely using it again and will be practising just cantering down the centre line with good turns. This is harder than it seems.


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