Mum’s must have outfit! 

So tonight after work I went to plait up Harv and Wigs ready for our early competition tomorrow. I know you all probably think I’m never at work 😂 but I save my holiday days so that I can attend the winter dressage series at Eaglesfield. I also wrapped Wigs up in his various layers of Lycra in an attempt to restrict the pooh damage 💩. 

I am so proud of mum as she hacked Buzz out on her own today for first time today. After probably not hacking a horse on their own for about 10 years! Even hacking a horse that your used to on its own can be nerve wracking if you don’t do it often. 

So now Ma has her own horse, she has been asking me to do an outfit of the day for the more mature lady! There are so many lovely clothes out there for riding now. Suitable for all ages, sizes, budgets and genders. Looking stylish whilst riding is now within the reach of everyone. When I started riding again, two years  ago, I couldn’t believe how equestrian Fashion had evolved. Now equestrian wear looks stylish outside the horsey world. No longer am I embarrassed to wear my dirty riding boots into the supermarket. As now I has beautiful soft bling adorned celeris boot😂😍. 

This outfit is so chic…

Boots @ Mountain Horse

Bridle @ Calden Plain Wide Snaffle Bridle

Breeches @ Dublin Supa Shape it Breeches – I might get a slap for this but these breeches are designed to sit higher with a wide waist band to help support and shape the belly region. They also have silicone knee patches for extra grip!

Coat @ Caldene Figsbury Jacket – A really stylish short wax jacket with a printed lining. Very Chic!

Hat @ Charles Owen

Numnah @ Le Mieux

Belt @ Pampeano

Knitted Neck Warmer @ Pikeur

Bag @ Joules

Fleece @ Pikeur

T-Shirt  @ Pikeur

Bangle @ HiHo Silver


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