Buzzing from the weekend 

So this weekend has sure been a busy one. I’m ready to chill out with parentals for a nice dinner and a couple of proseccos. Saturday morning Wigs and I went hacking with Laura and Alf. This was a more chilled ride compared to last weeks hack with Laura and Nessa. We had a chance to have a gossip about Laura’s latest date. Luckily she doesn’t read my blog so I can share this with you 😂.

Then a good few hours were spent trimming scrubbing and the plaiting Wigs and Harv for our competition on the Sunday. I swear that Wig’s stains on his quarters are permanent! I think I will have to clip them off! Any tips on stain removal will be greatly received!

Then Saturday night I dehorsed and went out for dinner with friends. It’s safe to say a fair few bottles of prosecco were consumed! 

Sunday morning was an early start as we had early times at our dressage competition. Today’s event was at Hadlow. I felt that Wigs went really well in the first test but my marks did not reflect this. I know I made some errors in my second test Novice 39 but this is the hardest test we have done to date. I was very pleased with Wigs as he always tries his hardest for me. It was a good day and we scored 3rd place in both are classes and got some more points for the dressage masters league at Hickstead. We have got some bits to work on before we attempt Novice 39 again at Eaglesfield, our next show in the diary.

Afternoon getting home from Hadlow I schooled Buzz. We even had a cheeky jump . The first since we have had him home. He loved it and we was both Buzzing afterwards! 

Again Wigs and I were dressed so stylishly by our sponsors Tidy Tack Rooms Ltd (tidytackrooms.co.uk).


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