Two Red Rossies for the Birthday Boy πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Wednesday was Wigsy’s 10th birthday! Because I am completely bonkers I did put a banner up across his stable but I did refrain from buying him a badge and party hats!

To celebrate Wigs had a bath. Well it was actually to make him look presentable for the evening informal dressage competition. Dad and I did an early bunk from work and hot footed it home to clean the ponies and load the truck. This was the first outing with our new Wilberry Pony Proseccoberry. He hitched a lift with Harv onto the lorry.

The weather Wednesday evening was perfect. I felt that I over rode in both tests so wasn’t expecting amazing scores. I even trotted in the wrong place in my second Novice test. A mistake I will not be making at Hickstead. However when we went to look at the scores I was amazed and thrilled to see that I had won both my classes. The Birthday Boy had made my day.  I was buzzing to say the least. Harv and Pa came second in the Prelim and third in the Novice. So it was a good day all round for Team Pa. After travelling home and tucking the ponies up for the night I didn’t sit down to dinner until 22.00.

Thursday night Wigs was rewarded with a nice chilled out hack and a day off Friday. Friday night I headed out for dinner and drinks with friends (quite a few proseccos to be honest).

It was safe to say I was not feeling my best when I attended my jumping clinic on Saturday at Carmen Court.  I was hoping Janine would be kind to us and not make us do any dog legs or tricky Skinnies that would require me to concentrate. However I should have know that this would not happen. It took me about 10 minutes and a few jumps for me to remember how to ride and see a stride. Wigs however felt like he was on springs and his enthusiasm for jumping had obviously been enhanced by his two week break from it. He felt like he was really taking me to the jumps, which given my delicate state I was very grateful for. And of course he flew the skinnies with out a second gland. We had a great session and I was beaming (as you can see from the photos).  The photos are courtesy of Louisa Day Photography!

Now it is time to start prepping for Hickstead and most importantly planning Wigs and I’s outfits!!!!



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