The Snow Must Go On …

Wow what a busy month I have had. Jump training, Gridwork clinic and two shows. Oh wait a minute, nope didn’t do any of them. They were all cancelled.

So frustrating! Wigs is feeling better than ever. I have finally manned up and decided to leave the safety net of Prelim and attempt two Novice tests on one day. But both my shows have been cancelled. The beast from the east certainly struck us twice.

I was also really looking forward to jump training. This was the last in the series at Four Elms. We now have over a month until the next one at Carmen Court and it’s safe to say I am in need of the practice. Having rode like an idiot last week and I ended up eating sand. It did knock some sense into me though. I hoped straight back on and we both were a lot more in sync. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

However I am great believer in everything happening for a reason. And since so many of my friends have had ill or broken ponies recently, I have to just be grateful that Wigs and I are both healthy and ready to go. Although the snow has wiped out a month of planned completions and training. Hopefully we have the rest of the year to make up for it .

Although there are rumours that we could have a snowy Easter so I don’t think we are quite free of the snow yet.

I’m praying that my show on Friday will not be cancelled. I am looking forward to trying out my new EquiXtreme UK whitening shampoo. I’m already a fan of the stain remover so am excited to try out the shampoo. Fingers crossed we are able to remember two Novice tests. I only have a few days to learn them but I will be damned if I mess up our only show this month. I will have abstain from Prosecco the night before. I will update you on the results soon!


Lizzie and Wigs



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